Arched cornices at Puy du Fou

Templates set-up on the wall

In February of 2020, AAB company entrusted me with the construction of arched cornices and sent me to join their team already on site on the facades of a new structure at Puy du Fou. Under a never-ending rain, I was the person who built the arched cornices out of projected concrete.

At the same time, there were also stone-like facades with paintings, bedrock, stone-like corner embellishments and other architectural accents to be sculpted on the imposing facades of the new building.

Of course, all under the rain. 

For the pictures, of course there was sun.






AAB, Puy du Fou



Les articles autour du projet

Containers, squelette géant de serpent, coiffe style empire de Monumenta Empire oeuvre de l'artiste Huang Yong Ping

Craft or Art

Not long ago, I was interviewed at the Gare de Nantes by a local journalist. The journalist asked me how to best describe my contribution to the concrete tree sculpture; as an artist or an artisan? Normally, this type of question would have left me speechless, had I not thankfully prepared a very polite, very vague answer:

“we are a bit of both”

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