Consultant Plastic Artist

Art_Maker articulator of artistics projects

The purpose of this site is to convey my experiences and abilities with the goal of (seducing), generating work opportunities where I can showcase my competencies and creativity.

portrait de Julien Beaucourt Artiste Plasticien Contemporain, sculpteur de béton , consultant d'artistes pour leurs projets d'art

It has been ten years of (bending over backwards/sacrificing myself) devoting myself to artists and creative professionals for their pursuits (works of art, diverse performances, and experimentations). To summarize, I was the (slave, the right hand man), assistant to artists (in the realm of production).

To be someone, you have to start somewhere

Proud of my tenure, I (was able) to collaborate with esteemed artists such as Anselm Kiefer and Tatiana Trouvé. I helped with the construction of impressive exhibits such as

Monumenta at the Grand Palace in 2016, and with the tree sculptures (made from concrete) at the Nantes Train Station for Rudy Ricciotti with the AAB Company.

In high school I chose drilling and milling then welding before switching to Fine Arts. Today I am a sculptor of concrete. Early on, I would copy the statues and works at the Plastic Art Club of the Museum of Art. “He has skills” my professor would say to my mother.

In contrast to painting and sculpture, the factory and the nine to five monotony were not what I was dreaming of. Fine Arts appeared as a (lifesaver), an obvious choice.

oeuvre de Anselm Kiefer, sculpture monumentale en ciment
projects that I dream to share with you

I like to “Create”, and when I create, it is with the utmost respect of the rules of Art, (if not, I adapt). Mastering several techniques and being one with the Arts, is rather a benefit when you are in my line of work.

I traveled and participated in projects, each one different, meeting charismatic and interesting artists, which I found to be (cool) and enriching experiences. Dedicated to becoming an artist like the ones I have admired and imitated since my childhood, I am poised in the shadow of my aspirations.

In this artistic world, sensing that I have a more singular role to play, my dream is to use my abilities and knowledge to help you with your projects. I am a private consultant here to unleash your creativity with the goal of giving life to your ideas.

Today’s Art.